Guardian Angels Basketball Protocols for 2020-2021

Procedures for Practices…

  1. All players will enter wearing masks and have their temperature taken by their coach in the lobby area.  If it happens to be 100 degrees or higher the coach will contact you to come get your child.  (We suggest not to leave the parking lot for a few minutes to make sure everyone is cleared to enter the gym)
  • Players will sanitize their hands when walking into the gym, during water breaks and when exiting the gym
  • Coaches will wear masks the whole time while coaching.
  • Players can remove their masks once on the court, but they must put the mask on when leaving the court and exiting the building (players always have the option to continue to wear the mask while practicing and playing in games at the discretion of the child/parents.
  • Water bottles will be spread out for water breaks
  • Practices will conclude 2 minutes early for coaches to round up the players.  They must exit through the Emergency door exits in the PC (under the scoreboard, at the end of the building by the hill).  Practices in the OG will use the side door by the stage to exit.   This will limit teams crossing paths as they are entering and exiting for practices.  

Procedures for Games…

  1. All players will enter wearing masks and have their temperature taken in the lobby area of the gym the team is playing at.  If it happens to be 100 degrees or higher the monitor of the gym will ask you to take your child home.
  • Players are asked to sanitize their hands when walking into the gym as they go to their established bench.
  • Masks can be removed while kids enter to play on the court.  If a player is on the sideline, not in the game, their masks MUST BE ON!  If they come out of a game, they may grab a drink, catch their breath and then mask up immediately!
  • Coaches MUST wear masks at all times, no exceptions.  Coaches were informed to stay distant from their players as they coach at practice and during games.  Coaches were told to be mindful of the time you are in huddles, etc during a game.  If a coach were to test positive after coaching, we will have to breakdown your minutes of being in a huddle (pregame, time-outs, halftime, etc).  It cannot total more than 15 minutes.  
  • Once your game is over GET OUT OF THE GYM!  Do not linger, please move on.  If you have a home game and have time to help, please ask the gym monitor if they need help getting the gym ready for the next game.  
  • One adult per player is allowed in the Old Gym for games;  2 adults per player are allowed in the PC for games.  
  • ABSOLUTELY NO KIDS under the age of 18 are allowed in the gyms for games this year (Home or Away) Quarantine Protocols…
    • If a player tests positive and participated in competitive play, the team is responsible for notifying any opponents played between the date of the positive test and 2 days prior to the onset of symptoms.  Therefore, if anyone on the opposing team tests positive within 2 days (48 hours) of when our teams played them, our team must quarantine as well.  Unfortunately, we cannot contact trace like colleges and high schools, therefore the whole team will need to quarantine and monitor for symptoms.
  • If a player tests positive, anyone on his/her team must follow the exposure quarantine rules set by Guardian Angels School.  Again it would go back to date of the positive test and 2 days prior to the onset of symptoms.  (Example:  Johnny had practice on Monday night.  He started having symptoms on Wednesday morning and was tested Friday.  Results came back positive.  Johnny‚Äôs team would have to quarantine since symptoms were within 2 days (48 hours) of practice.
  • If a coach tests positive, the team will not have to quarantine unless the coach was actively involved (practicing/doing drills with the team).  They were advised to be mindful of their space with players this year.  If a coach tests positive after a game, the basketball committee will talk with the coach and gather information needed to make the decision if the team should be quarantined.  This is a case by case decision.

Other Basketball Information: 

  • If school should go to full remote learning, basketball will be postponed.  No practices or games allowed.
  • If your child is quarantined, he/she will not be allowed to participate in basketball until the return date set by the school nurse is given. 
  • If your child has the slightest symptom of being sick, PLEASE keep them home.  We ask more than any other year, please keep your kid home if you are not certain they are 100%.